Sexual and reproductive health

Games for adolescent reproductive health
Posted: Jul 28, 2017
Category: Sexual and reproductive health

Games for adolescent reproductive health

If you work with youth anywhere in the world – this manual will show you how to use games to teach about reproductive health and sexuality. Includes 45 games, tips on getting started, guidance on creating your own games, ready-to-use card sets, and the research and theory behind it all.

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Tools for Behavior Change Communication
Posted: Mar 28, 2017
Category: HIV care and support

Tools for Behavior Change Communication

The tools in this issue of INFO Reports are meant to help with planning and developing a Behaviour change communication component in family planning programs. The same tools can be used, however, for any health- or development-related Behaviour change communication program. Family planning program managers can use this checklist to help plan, carry out, and evaluate Behaviour change communication program cycle programs. The checklist reflects the communication program processes of several organizations (see list of sources at end of checklist). Each organization’s process has different names for the steps, but they include common elements. Each step highlights, in a colored box, tips for engaging the participation of members of the intended audience and other key stakeholders.

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